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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing throughout the day gives students opportunities to practice the craft they learn during a writing workshop and exposes them to the authentic writing of multiple disciplines. This workshop — focused on practices that integrate writing into all areas of the curriculum — illustrates that writing can take many forms and serve many purposes.

Charles WhitakerOur goal shouldn't be to expect young students to write at the level of expertise that a researcher might write in science, for example, but they can begin to write like that, and they should begin to write like that.

— Charles Whitaker, retired professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University and a director of National Writing Project sites in Kentucky for the past 20 years

Learning Goals

In this workshop you will explore how to:

  • help students use writing to express what they know and to ask questions about what they don't know
  • introduce students to authentic writing from individual disciplines and provide them with opportunities to approximate that writing
  • use students' writing to assess how well they understand content

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