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Teaching the Writing Craft

Examine Your Practice

Punctuation is one of the writing skills often taught in whole-class lessons. Read the following quote, consider your own students, and answer the questions below.

Something I think is really big — believe it or not — is punctuation, and not in the way we learned about punctuation when we were in school. To me, punctuation is so much the heart of getting the writing down on the page and getting it to read the way you want it to sound. And there's so much potential for experimenting with punctuation, with sentence structure, that brings sounds and voice to writing.

— Katie Wood Ray


Guiding Questions

Reflect on the quote from Katie Wood Ray and consider your own students. Then write your answers to the questions below in your notebook. If you are working in a group, share your responses.

  • What does Katie mean when she talks about the difference between the way most adults, including teachers, were taught punctuation and the way she proposes?
  • Think of a lesson in punctuation you already do with your students. What changes, if any, would you make to your lesson to help your students use punctuation to boost the impact of their writing on the reader?

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