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Teaching the Writing Craft

How can you target specific writing skills and strategies in your teaching? In this workshop, you will explore the role of whole-class instruction in the writing workshop and how lessons on particular writing skills can unfold over multiple days.

Katie Wood RayPlanning whole-class instruction begins with your required curriculum, what you know about writing, and what your students are interested in. Then once you get inside of a study, you're always looking for what your students need, what you can teach that would help a lot of students based on what you've observed.

— Katie Wood Ray, consultant and author or co-author of five books on teaching writing, including The Writing Workshop: Working Through the Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts)

Learning Goals

In this workshop you will explore how to:

  • determine when to use whole-class lessons
  • integrate whole-class lessons into the writing workshop structure
  • use an inquiry approach to introduce new concepts and explore ideas
  • design lessons to increase understanding of writing concepts and skills

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