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Building a Community of Writers

How can you nurture and support the confidence of all students and help them forge unique writing identities? This workshop explores the essential characteristics of a successful writing community and shows examples of teachers who build community in their classrooms through a variety of ways.

Jack WildeI think it's amazing what kids can do at this age if we give them the chance. As teachers, we have to cherish the joy children get from writing because what matters most in our teaching is that we not only help students become better writers, we also help them to want to write, to love what they've created in words.

— Jack Wilde, retired teacher and author of A Door Opens: Writing in Fifth Grade

Learning Goals

In this workshop you will explore how to:

  • nurture a structured classroom writing community that fosters trust among students
  • establish shared values about good writing, the work that writers do, and respect for others' work
  • participate as a member of the writing community by sharing your writing

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