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Teaching Multicultural Literature : A Workshop for the Middle Grades
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Interactive Strategy Workbook

Explore two poems using strategies from the workshops

This activity offers you an opportunity to read two poems and reflect on the teaching strategies featured throughout the workshop. Use the poems below as a springboard for creating your own activities. Choose strategies you would like to explore and consider how you might adapt them for these poems and for your students. Save your ideas in your workbook and return to this space as you continue the workshop. At any time, you may compile and print your entries.

Choose a poem:

Photo by Tama Rothchild
by Paula Gunn Allen

New Mexico native Paula Gunn Allen, of Laguna, Sioux, and Lebanese ancestry, is a poet, novelist, critic, and influential scholar of Native American literature. Her honors include the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Writers' Circle of the Americas. Much of her poetry is inspired by the Pueblo culture.

Photo by Dwight Okita
"In Response to Executive Order 9066"
by Dwight Okita

Dwight Holden Okita is a prominent poet, playwright, and screenwriter from Chicago. His much-anthologized poem, "In Response to Executive Order 9066," was inspired by the experience of his mother, who was interned in a relocation camp during World War II.

Choose a strategy:

Click on the button next to the strategy, scroll down, and open the workbook; or use the link to review a strategy, and then return. You will be asked to register for this activity the first time you use the workbook.

Workshop 1Workshop 2
Peer facilitation circle
See Strategy
Making connections with texts
See Strategy
Talk show
See Strategy
Identity stories
See Strategy
Creating visual representations and symbols
See Strategy
Open microphone
See Strategy

Workshop 3

Workshop 4
K/W/L chart
See Strategy
Text sets
See Strategy
See Strategy
"Where I'm From" poems
See Strategy
See Strategy
See Strategy

Workshop 5

Workshop 6
Frozen tableau
See Strategy
Connecting history and poetry
See Strategy
Radio play
See Strategy
See Strategy
Literature circles
See Strategy
Field trips
See Strategy

Workshop 7

Workshop 8
See Strategy
Double-entry journal
See Strategy
See Strategy
Two rounds
See Strategy
Writing letters for social action
See Strategy
Photography project
See Strategy

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