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    8: Engaging With Communities

Examine the Topic

Before You Watch
Analyze the Video
Examine the Topic
Put it Into Practice
Action Research Project
Reflect on Your Learning

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Assignment Now that you have read the research and viewed the video discussion on engaging students in community interactions, you will examine the topic further by planning a community outing for students.

A. Planning a Community Experience

For this activity, you will plan an outing to a local restaurant where the wait staff speak your target language. You can focus on an actual restaurant in your area or imagine the type of restaurant that would be a good community experience for your students. As you prepare for the restaurant visit, consider the following three stages of a well-planned community interaction:
  • Prepare: How will you prepare students for this outing?
  • Interact: How will you monitor and assist in the interactions during the outing?
  • Debrief: What activities will you do with students to help them debrief their experience?
You will now plan for each of these stages in an interactive activity. On the final page of each stage, you will have the opportunity to print what you have written. Be sure to save a copy of each stage to submit as part of your assignment.
 Click on the image to begin. Click on the image to begin.
Note: The restaurant scenario is just one example of a community experience in which students can participate. This planning process can also be applied to many other community activities, such as attending a movie or concert or visiting a store.

B. Reflect on the Activity

If you have the opportunity to take students to a restaurant or other community event, you will want to reflect on the activity afterwards to judge its effectiveness and to consider what you might do differently next time. You can use the following questions for reflection:
  1. Was the students' language preparation adequate? Were they challenged to negotiate meaning?
  1. Was the students' cultural preparation appropriate? Did they gain new cultural insights? Did I gain new cultural insights?
  1. Did any situations arise for which I felt unprepared? How might I prepare better for such an interaction in the future?
  1. What linguistic and cultural outcomes did students demonstrate in the debriefing?
AssignmentSubmit your plan for the three stages of a community interaction from the interactive activity as an assignment.

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