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About This Workshop

About this Workshop
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The Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop offers you a dynamic and interactive way to understand and apply current research in foreign language education to evaluate your teaching practice. Each of the eight workshop sessions examines one research topic from the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages National Standards as it applies across languages and skill levels.

The eight video programs feature the work of leading researchers and the reflections of practicing teachers in a lively round-table discussion format. Classroom examples from the Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 video library are shown throughout the workshop videos to illustrate the ideas being discussed. The companion workshop guide provides a stimulating learning experience for individual teachers or professional development study groups.

Become a student yourself as you watch the videos, complete a range of activities in the guide, and prepare to conduct research in your own classroom. For a streamed Web overview of this workshop series, go to Overview Video.

To learn more about the workshop videos and guide, continue reading the About This Workshop section. Here you will access:

  • summaries of each workshop session;
  • descriptions of each guide component;
  • information about obtaining course credit;
  • suggestions for using the guide alone or with a study group;
  • tips for facilitating a workshop;
  • an introduction to each of the video participants;
  • a description of each of the National Standards;
  • technical notes to help you fully experience the content, interactivity, and design of the Web guide; and
  • an introduction to the action research process that you will undertake as part of this course.

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