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Social Studies In Action A Methodology Workshop, K-5.
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Session 7.

Assessing Students' Learning


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Apply what you've learned about assessment to complete the following activities.


Assess Student Work

An elementary school student.


View Video Segment: Understanding Stereotypes

Go to this segment in the video by matching the image (to the left) on your TV screen. You'll find this segment approximately 33 minutes into the video. Watch for about 5 minutes.

Libby Sinclair's fifth-grade class is studying the history of the Negro baseball leagues within U.S. history. Not finding information they need in reference books about African American history, Ms. Sinclair has her students write a persuasive letter to the publisher. In this segment, Ms. Sinclair works with students to develop criteria for their letters.

In this interactive activity, you can use a version of her criteria, presented as a four-point-scale rubric, to assess two drafts of her students' letters. You can print out the Assessment Rubric (PDF) for reference.

Assessing Student Letters
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Screenshot of the Assessing Student Letters Flash activity.

A non-interactive version of this activity is available as a PDF document.

After you have assessed the student letters, think about the questions below.

  • What did you learn from assessing the letters?
  • What advice would you give each student for next steps?

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