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Social Studies In Action A Methodology Workshop, K-5.
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Session 6.

Engaging Students in Active Learning


Now that you have explored and viewed teaching strategies that engage students in active learning apply what you know in the following activities.


Examples of Authentic Instruction

In this activity, you'll analyze three of the classroom segments you just watched and identify teaching strategies that illustrate authentic instruction. Before you begin, review the strategies you listed on your viewing chart, and the elements of authentic instruction below.

Elements of Authentic Instruction

  • Higher-order thinking - stimulates critical thinking
  • Depth of knowledge - encourages comprehensive learning
  • Real-world connection - teaches applications of concepts
  • Substantive conversation - uses meaningful discussion
  • Social support - provides encouragement and inclusion

Then, complete the interactive activity to identify elements of authentic instruction in classroom examples.

Elements of Authentic Instruction
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A screenshot of this activity.

A non-interactive version of this activity is available as a PDF document.


Developing a Lesson

Now it's your turn. Develop a social studies lesson of your own with strategies to promote active learning in mind. Use the Developing a Lesson form (PDF) to help you organize your lesson plan. Be sure to include:

  • Lesson title
  • Objectives
  • Lesson outline
  • Activities
  • Strategies to engage students in active learning
  • Methods for assessing students' understanding

Save your written work to submit as an assignment.

If you are taking all eight sessions for credit, you may continue to work on lessons and materials for this unit in subsequent sessions. Save a copy of your work.

A workshop participant.


View Video Segment: Mini-Lesson

Go to this segment in the video by matching the image (to the left) on your TV screen. You'll find this segment approximately 47 minutes into the video. Watch for about 10 minutes.

Watch this segment to see how workshop participants use the Pledge of Allegiance to plan for active learning.

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