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Annenberg Learner professional development workshops and courses provide teachers with content and pedagogical learning to strengthen their professional credentials. Teachers may use Annenberg Learner's workshops and courses with a study group of colleagues or at regular professional development sessions to review subject content. To support these uses of the materials, each course and workshop has a workshop or facilitator's guide found on the accompanying Web site (look for the orange arrow on the main series page) that provides information on the course or workshop structure as well as a script for running professional development sessions. A chapter corresponding to each video includes —

  • background questions for the participants,

  • video discussion questions,

  • hands-on group activities, and

  • references for further study

Any teacher or administrator can step into the role of facilitator. One does not need extensive experience running a workshop for teachers. Just follow the guide and let the group work through the questions and activities. For several series, the correct answers to problems posed are located in the guide, too.

Tips for preparing for and running sessions smoothly —

Create a meeting schedule
A typical schedule includes weekly meetings of two-and-a-half hours. During the first hour, the group watches and discusses the video. During the second hour and beyond, smaller working groups can engage in learning activities as described in the workshop or course guide or they can use the time to connect the content to their own curricula. Groups and facilitators should feel free to design a meeting schedule that works best for them.

Access the video
  • Video programs are streamed on-demand at http://www.learner.org/resources/browse.html. Search for the series you want by title or choose from subject headings on the home page. Note that the video stream image will be less sharp when projected for a group to watch. If you have trouble streaming the videos, read our broadband FAQ.

  • Check with your media center to see if they have copies of the programs to loan.
Provide readings, handouts, and worksheets to participants
Many of these are printable documents from the course or workshop Web site. Participants can print their own copies or the facilitator can print copies for the group. Readings should be completed before the workshop session.

Make note of other materials needed for the session
These include manipulatives, large pads, whiteboards, etc. Specific materials needed are listed in the workshop guide.

Professional development credit and CEUs
Annenberg Learner does not offer professional development credit, CEUs, or certificates of completion to teachers taking the courses or workshops.

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