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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Connecting School and Home: Watch the Video

Watch the Video


In this section, you will watch the workshop participants discuss the classroom excerpts.

Following the classroom excerpts, the workshop participants discuss the parent-teacher conferences. Compare your ideas with theirs.

Video Segment.


Jeanne R. Paratore.

Find this segment approximately 26 minutes and 5 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 10 minutes.

After watching the workshop participants' discussion, consider these questions:

  • Several workshop participants reacted positively to William's participation in the parent-teacher conference. What did William's participation add to the conference? How did being part of the conference help William understand his literacy development?
  • First- and second-grade teacher Marcy Prager was impressed that Ms. Perez shared results of the Developmental Reading Assessment with Cassandra's mother. What are the benefits of sharing assessment data with parents? What do teachers need to consider before sharing assessment data?

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