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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Connecting School and Home: Watch the Video

Watch the Video


In this section, you will watch Dr. Paratore's lecture on connecting school and home literacy practices.

Print Dr. Paratore's Connecting School and Home Lecture Posters (PDF). Use the posters to take notes on the lecture.

In this video segment, Dr. Paratore presents research related to parent involvement in children's literacy development. These findings suggest that parents play an important role in their child's literacy development and that positive home-school connections influence children's achievement in reading and writing.

An accompanying lecture transcript (PDF) is also available.

Video Segment.

Dr. Paratore's Lecture

Jeanne R. Paratore.

Find this segment approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 7 1/2 minutes.

After watching the lecture, review your notes and consider these questions:

  • Did any of the ideas in the session surprise you?
  • What might you do differently to promote parent involvement?
  • What information do you want to know about your students' home literacy practices and routines?

Following the lecture, the workshop participants discuss their practices and obstacles in building home-school partnerships. Use the video image below to locate where to begin viewing.

Video Segment.

Perceptions, Actions, Obstacles

Find this segment approximately 10 minutes and 55 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 8 minutes.

Jeanne R. Paratore.

After watching the video segment, consider these questions:

  • How did the workshop participants' perceptions of parent responsibilities compare with your own? What would you add to their list?
  • Workshop participants emphasized the importance of communication to support home-school partnerships. How do you communicate with your students' parents or caregivers? What information do you share about school practices?

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