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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Comprehension and Response: Watch the Video

Watch the Video


In this section, you will watch the workshop participants discuss the classroom excerpts.

Following the classroom excerpts, the workshop participants discuss the lessons. Compare your ideas with theirs.

Video Segment.


Dr. Paratore and some workshop participants.

Find this segment approximately 25 minutes and 50 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 14 minutes.

After watching the workshop participants' discussion, consider these questions:

  • How do the ideas generated in the discussion compare with your own?
  • Workshop participants commented on the teachers' use of questions during all of these lessons. Were the questions used to assess or support comprehension? Did the questions advance comprehension and response to reading? How?
  • In the whole-group discussion, Dr. Paratore said that scaffolding is when "teachers provide children support that enables them to do with help what they couldn't do on their own." What evidence of scaffolded instruction did you see in these clips? How did it advance students' comprehension and response to reading?

Two concepts here are "zone of proximal development" and "responsive instruction." The ZOPD is seen as the distance between what the learner can do independently and what he/she can do with assistance or "assisted performance." Responsive instruction is seen as instruction that falls within the zone -- that is, not too easy or too difficult.

Robert Rueda, University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education


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