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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Word Study and Fluency: Put It Into Practice

Put It Into Practice

Develop a Lesson Plan

In this activity, you will design a word study lesson plan that is drawn from the components of explicit instruction and research-based principles presented in the lecture and the readings.

  1. Print the Lesson Plan Template (PDF) as an outline for your lesson plan.
  2. Review the principles of emergent literacy, phonics instruction, and reading fluency using Dr. Paratore's lecture posters and your notes from the readings.
  3. Watch the following video segment on the framework of a lesson plan. Use the video image below to locate where to begin viewing.
Video Segment.

Lesson Plan Design

Particpant work.

Find this segment approximately 41 minutes and 50 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 1 minute.

This video segment addresses the three components of an explicit lesson: Modeling and Demonstration, Guided Practice, and Independent Application. Incorporate these elements into your lesson plan.

Structure your lesson around a book you have taught or plan to teach to your student. When developing your lesson plan:

  1. Identify one or more elements of phonemic awareness or phonics that can be taught using this book. (A good starting point would be to focus on spelling patterns using the rimes identified in the Match Rimes activity. You could also focus on consonant sounds and patterns, or word parts.)
  2. Decide how you will introduce and model the reading strategy.
  3. Provide for students' guided practice and independent application.

Consider how this lesson is multi-level to meet the needs of all students.


Submit your lesson plan.

Optional Viewing. Workshop participants.

You may want to watch the workshop participants' critique of the lesson plan. Find this segment approximately 42 minutes and 45 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 3 minutes.


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