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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Supporting the English Language Learner: Watch the Video

Watch the Video


In this section, you will watch Dr. Gort's lecture on reading instruction for English Language Learners in grades K-2.

Print Dr. Gort's English Language Learners Lecture Posters (PDF). Use the posters to take notes on the lecture.

In this video segment, Dr. Gort presents and discusses research-based principles on second-language literacy development. The lecture focuses on: variables that affect learning to read and write in a second language, research on second-language learning, and characteristics of beginning and intermediate second-language learners as they learn to read in English.

An accompanying lecture transcript (PDF) is also available.

Video Segment.

Dr. Gort's Lecture

Dr. Gort.

Find this segment approximately 3 minutes after the begining of the video. Watch for about 10 minutes.

After watching the lecture, review your notes and consider these questions:

  • What are the important concepts to understand about bilingual students?
  • Dr. Gort emphasizes that English Language Learners comprise a heterogeneous group who come from different countries, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds. How does this influence the way you plan and implement instruction in reading and writing?
  • What information do teachers need to know about their English Language Learners to provide successful literacy instruction?
  • How might your literacy instruction differ for beginning and intermediate second-language readers?
Optional Viewing. Dr. Gort.

You may want to watch the workshop participants discuss their challenges and opportunities. Find this segment approximately 13 minutes after the begining of the video. Watch for about 3 minutes.


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