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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Supporting the English Language Learner: Put It Into Practice

Put It Into Practice

Catalog Classroom Literature

In this activity, you will review the literature in your classroom to support English Language Learners.

Determine which books support beginning reading. With each book:

  1. Identify the type of literature (e.g. predictable books, matched print and illustration books, multicultural books, multilingual books, folk takes, poetry, and non-fiction).
  2. Identify the book's reading format (e.g. whole-class reading, guided reading groups, read-aloud, paired reading, and individual/self-selected reading).
  3. Decide your purpose for teaching the book (e.g. thematic unit of study, extending background knowledge, and developing word knowledge).
  4. Evaluate how the book might support your English Language Learners and the instruction needed to do so.
  5. Record and compile the information.

You may also want to review bibliographies of multicultural literature or other book lists to add to your classroom library. Start with the session's Related Resources.


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