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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.


2. Supporting the English Language Learner

A teacher in their classroom.

Factors Related to This Session

Proficiency in native language

Proficiency in English language

Literacy proficiency in native language

Cultural traditions and attitudes to literacy

Socioeconomic status

Support for native language and bilingualism


In this session, you will investigate and apply research-based principles of effective early literacy instruction for English Language Learners.

Session Preparation

Learning Goals

At the end of this session, you will better understand:

factors that influence second-language literacy learning

characteristics of effective literacy instruction for English Language Learners

challenges and opportunities for teaching reading to English Language Learners

how to develop an effective literacy lesson for English Language Learners

"What is heartening for me, is that none of the practices that best support English Language Learners are brand new or...only support those children. It seems that with just a little extra thought, the very same practices that we use commonly, could be put in place in a more systematic way to support English Language Learners."

Robin Peterson

Robin Peterson.

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