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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Creating a Literate Community: Watch the Video

Watch the Video

Classroom Excerpts

In this section, you will relate Dr. Paratore's lecture and your readings to teaching practices in classroom excerpts.

Now you will observe different literacy environments in four classrooms — one kindergarten and three first-grade. You will see classroom arrangements and materials that encourage independent practice of literacy skills. As you watch, think about the planning that went into designing these environments.

Video Segment.

Classroom Environment Excerpts

Workshop participants.

Find this segment approximately 12 minutes and 45 seconds after the begining of the video. Watch for about 7 minutes.

After watching the classroom excerpts, consider these questions:

  • How did the classroom environments promote children's independent reading and writing?
  • What areas of literacy and specific skills were emphasized in each classroom environment?
  • How did each classroom promote opportunities to use reading, writing, and oral language?
  • Becky Pursley says, "My classroom arrangement has always been a struggle to me." What are your challenges in creating a literate classroom environment? How have you addressed these challenges?

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