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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop. Key Terms.


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Who's Who

Jeanne R. Paratore.Jeanne R. Paratore, Workshop Facilitator
Dr. Paratore is Associate Professor of Education at Boston University. She was formerly a classroom teacher, reading consultant, and director of Title I. From 1989-1997, Dr. Paratore was an integral member of the Boston University/Chelsea, Massachusetts School Partnership, a comprehensive urban school reform effort. As part of this work, Dr. Paratore founded and now serves as advisor to the Intergenerational Literacy Project, a family literacy program that serves immigrant parents and their children. Her work on school change and family literacy is described in numerous monographs, book chapters, and journal articles. She has also authored and edited several books. Dr. Paratore is a frequent speaker on literacy instruction and has presented at local, national, and international reading and educational research conferences, as well as in school districts throughout the United States. She recently completed a three-year term as a member of the International Reading Association's Board of Directors.

Mileidis Gort.Mileidis Gort, Guest Lecturer
Dr. Gort is Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education at the Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, with experience as an English as a Second Language teacher, bilingual literacy consultant, and research project director. The focus of her work, biliteracy development of English- and Spanish-dominant bilingual learners in dual language programs, has been published in various journals and books. As an accomplished speaker, Dr. Gort has lectured on bilingualism at local and national educational conferences across the country. She was recently awarded first place in the AERA/Bilingual Education Research SIG and the NABE Outstanding Dissertation Competitions, and continues to serve as an advisory board member on the national "Portraits of Success" project to track successful bilingual education in the U.S.

Mary Matthews, Curriculum Developer
Dr. Matthews is Curriculum Coordinator for Language Arts in the Brookline, Massachusetts Public Schools. The former reading specialist and special education teacher has taught graduate courses in Elementary Language Arts, Reading Instruction, and Literacy Assessment at Boston University and Bridgewater State College. She has also led workshops on reading instruction in many of Massachusetts' public schools. As a frequent speaker on effective practices in literacy instruction, Dr. Matthews has presented her area of expertise at both the International Reading Association and Massachusetts Reading Association. She recently led a three-year committee in Brookline to develop a curriculum handbook for literacy instruction for grades four to six. Dr. Matthews is past president of the Massachusetts Reading Association where she currently serves as Publications Editor.

Workshop Participants
The workshop participants represent a range of K-2 teachers from the Greater Boston area.

Adrienne Bradshaw.

Adrienne Bradshaw
Q. E. Dickerman Elementary School
Dorchester, Massachusetts

Libby Croce
St. Francis of Assisi School
Medford, Massachusetts

Libby Croce.
Meynardo Gutierrez.

Meynardo Gutierrez
The Morse Elementary School
Newton Center, Massachusetts

Kemp Harris
Bowen Elementary School
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Kemp Harris.
Kristen Nelson.

Kristen Nelson
Merriam Elementary School
Acton, Massachusetts

Ruth Oliver
Dr. William H. Ohrenberger Elementary School
West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Ruth Oliver.
Robin Peterson.

Robin Peterson
Belmont Day School
Belmont, Massachusetts

Marcy Prager
Driscoll Elementary School
Brookline, Massachusetts

Marcy Prager.
Cruz Sanabria.

Cruz Sanabria
The Blackstone School
Boston, Massachusetts

Kristin Stoetzel
The Hardy School
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Kristin Stoetzel.
Lisa Wallace.

Lisa Wallace
Witchcraft Heights Elementary School
Salem, Massachusetts

Jodi Wollner
Mary Lee Burbank Elementary School
Belmont, Massachusetts

Jodi Wollner.

Classroom Teachers
Classrooms shown in the workshop are from Teaching Reading K-2: A Library of Classroom Practices. Teachers featured in the classroom excerpts represent a range of K-2 teachers from across the country.

Martha Duran-Contreras
Will Rogers School
Santa Monica, California

Charmon Evans
Richard E. Bard Elementary School
Port Hueneme, California

Shari Frost
Norwood Park Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois

Valerie Kostandos
Decius Beebe School
Melrose, Massachusetts

Sheila Owen
Wellwood School
Beaumont, California

Hildi Perez
Young Achievers School for Science and Math
Boston, Massachusetts

Becky Pursley
Barton Hills Elementary School
Austin, Texas

John Sinnett
Collins Elementary School
Houston, Texas

Stacey Soto
Hemenway Elementary School
Framingham, Massachusetts

James St. Clair
Amigos School
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cindy Wilson
Josiah Quincy Elementary School
Boston, Massachusetts


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