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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop. Key Terms.


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Assignments and Course Credit

The Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop can be taken for graduate credit. To receive credit, you must complete the eight workshop sessions and submit the assignments for each session. When you sign up for graduate credit, you will receive more information about turning in your assignments. If you are getting credit elsewhere, check with your local institution to determine how to submit the assignments.


Assignments are clearly marked by the assignment symbol, and compiled for reference at the end of each session.

If you are taking the workshop for credit, you are also required to submit the ongoing project, Create a Handbook of literacy resources.

Create a Handbook

Planning successful reading instruction is complex and requires continuous decision-making. Effective instruction is tailored to your curriculum and the needs of your students.

To help you plan for effective literacy instruction, you will create a Handbook for Effective Literacy Practices based on the topics of this workshop. In this ongoing project, you will collect literacy resources to use in your classroom. Collect your resources in a three-ring binder. You will continue to add readings, book titles, lessons, and related materials at the end of each session.

You will find resource suggestions to include for each topic in the final activity for the session:

  1. Creating a Literate Community
  2. Supporting the English Language Learner
  3. Word Study and Fluency
  4. Comprehension and Response
  5. Teaching Writing as a Process
  6. Differentiating Instruction
  7. Using Assessment To Guide Instruction
  8. Connecting School and Home

If you are taking the Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop for credit or professional development, submit a copy of your Handbook at the end of the workshop.


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