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About the Contributors

Sue Mattson, Ph.D. (Content Guide)

Sue Mattson received a B.A. in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley, followed by a Master's in Biology and Ph.D. in Science Education from Florida State University. In addition to teaching, her experiences include curriculum development in the sciences and professional development for teachers. Sue has taught science methods courses for early childhood and elementary education majors, and has recently served as an instructor in a website-based distance learning program for practicing elementary teachers seeking Master's or Specialist's degrees in Science and/or Math Education. She has worked previously with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics as education specialist for Case Studies in Science Education. Sue is looking forward to returning to the classroom to teach high school biology this fall.

Rebecca Corwin, Ed.D. (Host and Content Consultant)

Rebecca Corwin taught fifth grade for ten years, where she enjoyed teaching math and science especially. She is currently Professor of Education at Lesley College, and works with her graduate students in an elementary school in Boston in order to bring their practical and theoretical experience together as they learn to be teachers. She has authored a number of books for teachers, including the Used Numbers series about statistics and data analysis. Probably the most important aspect of her work is helping people make sense of the work that they do. She enjoys trying new things and working with children to understand their thinking.

Heather Hurley (Host)

Heather Hurley has a Master's in Education from Lesley College, with certification as a K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist. She has been teaching for six years. She currently teaches third grade in the Concord (MA) Public School system. She has also taught preschool and first grade. Heather is one of six teachers in her school system chosen as a technology-infused classroom teacher. She has been integrating computer technology into her math and science curriculum throughout her teaching career, and she is always looking for ways to extend and enrich her students' knowledge of math and science.

Flavia Steiner Viggiani (Host)

Flavia Steiner Viggiani was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has nine years of teaching experience, three of which have been spent teaching in a 5-6 grade classroom at the Amigos program—a two-way full immersion Spanish/English program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Flavia shares her class of 20 students with her English-speaking teaching partner.


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