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Write in the Middle
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Write in the Middle
Resond to Student Writing

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Students at computers

Workshop 1: Strategies that help teachers create a nurturing, supportive, and engaging environment for young writers

Students using the Internet

Workshop 2: An exploration of how middle level teachers encourage students to connect to writing and understand its power

Student reading poetry draft

Workshop 3: Using the immersion technique and other instructional strategies to help students develop as writers and readers of poetry

Students listening in class

Workshop 4: Prewriting strategies that help students understand effective persuasive writing

Student writing in notebook

Workshop 5: Two divergent applications with commentary by Tom Romano, author of Writing With Passion

Class brainstorming activity

Workshop 6: Improving student writing and monitoring progress through formal and informal student/teacher conferences

Student reading peer's writing

Workshop 7: Strategies for teaching students to respond to each other's writing

Students engaging in writing conference

Workshop 8:

Classroom practices that help even reluctant writers see the power and purpose of revision



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What do successful teachers do to help their students become confident and proficient writers?

Write in the Middle: A Workshop for Middle School Teachers addresses that question in an eight-part professional development workshop.

Special Web Site Features

Interactive Practice:
Respond to Student Writing

Use an interactive rubric to evaluate student writing and then compare your responses to another teacher's.

Listen to the Experts
Download audio files of interviews with national experts:

Best Practices in Teaching Writing
Download this list of best practices featured throughout the workshop.


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