The following interactive tools can help support teaching strategies explored in The Power of Music. The accompanying PDFs include suggestions for using each interactive with students.

Music Mentor is an interactive tool designed to develop students’ ability to detect musical errors and strengthen music-reading skills. Taking on the role of a mentor, students listen to a peer perform musical phrases shown on screen, and must offer feedback to help improve the performance. Familiar melodies lead students through ten levels of increasingly complex challenges for violin and recorder, though anyone with music-reading ability can use the tool.

PDF: Suggestions for using Music Mentor with students

PDF: Sheet music for violin pieces in Music Mentor

PDF: Sheet music for recorder pieces in Music Mentor

Noteflight is an online notation software that enables users to compose and arrange scores. In the Noteflight online community, musicians and educators create, adapt, find, and share music for their musical needs and the needs of their students.

Please note that registration is required to use Noteflight. On your first visit, click “Join Noteflight” to sign up for a free account.

PDF: Suggestions for using Noteflight with students

Soundation is an online music creation studio that enables users to create, edit, mix, and share music using functionality similar to GarageBand. The software offers entry points for beginners through advanced students who may or may not read music. It can also be used as a tool for group composition or for recording and sharing ensemble music.

Please note that registration is required to use Soundation. On your first visit, you will be prompted to sign up for a free account.

PDF: Suggestions for using Soundation with students

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