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In Search of the Novel:Ten Novelists

Leslie Marmon Silko


Leslie Marmon Silko

Born in 1948 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, of mixed ancestry—by her own description Laguna, Pueblo, Mexican, and white—Leslie Marmon Silko grew up on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation where members of her family had lived for generations and where she learned traditional stories and legends from female relatives. Silko's first published book was the collection of poems Laguna Woman (1974), which draws richly upon her tribal ancestry. Silko has lived and taught in New Mexico and Alaska as well as Arizona; she currently resides in Tucson. Her much acclaimed novel Ceremony, the story of a Native American of mixed ancestry who returns as a veteran of World War II to his Laguna reservation, was published in 1977. Storyteller, drawing upon Native American myths and combining poetry, fiction, family history, and photographs, was published in 1981. Silko's correspondence with the poet James Wright was edited after Wright's death by his widow Anne Wright under the title The Delicacy and Strength of Lace (1986). Her most recent novels are Almanac of the Dead (1991) and Gardens in the Dunes (1999).

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