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In Search of the Novel: Teachers & Lesson Plans

Milton Brasher-Cunningham

Milton Brasher-Cunningham has master's degrees in English and theology, and he taught English for seven years in the Boston Public Schools. He currently teaches ninth-grade English, tenth-grade English (a combination expository writing laboratory and American literature course), and Honors British Literature (for juniors) at Winchester High School, Winchester, Massachusetts. He is also both a songwriter and a fiction writer.

Lesson Plan for Frankenstein


To bring the old horror story into the present.


  1. Take students on a field trip to a laboratory investigating synthetic intelligence or some related field, or bring in a guest speaker on the subject.
  2. Assign students (working individually, in pairs, or in small groups), to construct their own creature/robot/monster/automaton/machine and to report on their design to the class.


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