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Additional Resources
"Getting kids to think about how audience changes their purpose, changes how they write, is absolutely critical."

- Kyleen Beers
Kyleen Beers
First Steps A Shared Path Different Audiences Different Purposes
Usage and Mechanics Providing Feedback on Student Writing Learning from Professional Writers Writing in the 21st Century
Listen to:
  • Kylene Beers's thoughts on helping students deal with a blank page-for many, a first step dealing with the gamut of processes included in writing. Her thoughts were expressed during an interview for this project.
On the Web:
  • Bedford/St. Martin's, a college text publishing house, offers this bibliography of texts related to audience. Some of the works cited are also available are available through NCTE's journals.

  • Colorado State University provides expert online tutorials on topics such as identifying audience and writing to meet their expectations. Look under the tab for "Writing Processes" to find information on audience.
In the Library:
  • Farrell-Childers, Pamela, Anne Ruggles Gere, and Art Young, eds. Programs and Practices: Writing Across the Secondary School Curriculum. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/ Cook Heinemann, 1994.

  • Fulwiler, Toby and Art Young. Programs That Work: Models and Methods for Writing Across the Curriculum. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/ Cook, 1989.

  • Herrington, Anne J. and Marcia Curtis. Persons in Process: Four Stories of Writing and Personal Development in College. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2000.

  • Mayer, John S., Nancy Lester and Gordon M. Pradl. Learning To Write, Writing to Learn. Upper Montclair, NJ: Boynton/ Cook, 1983.

  • Thompson, Thomas C. ed. Teaching Writing in High School and College; Conversations and Collaborations. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2002.
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