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The Processes of Writing - An Inventory
Discussion Questions
First Steps A Shared Path Different Audiences Different Purposes
Usage and Mechanics Providing Feedback on Student Writing Learning from Professional Writers Writing in the 21st Century
  1. What do you like to write?

  2. Where do you like to write? Is it a quiet or noisy place?

  3. If you didn't have to turn in a piece of writing, would you write it in pencil, pen, or marker, use a typewriter, or use a computer?

  4. What kinds of things do you like to write best?

  5. Do you have a writing hero? Describe her or him.

  6. Describe the best thing you've ever written. Why do you think it succeeded?

  7. Describe the worst thing you've ever written. Why do you think it failed?

  8. Think about the processes of writing you use when you write. Do you:
    1. Come up with an idea?
    2. Outline or using a graphic organizer to capture initial ideas?
    3. Brainstorm?
    4. Talk about an idea with your peers?
    5. Talk about an idea with your teachers?
    6. Think about the audience that will be reading your writing?
    7. Think about the tone you will use in writing?
    8. Write a first sentence?
    9. Write the end of the piece?
    10. Write anything? You just need to get a few ideas down on paper.
    11. Write down words that sound good to your ear?
    12. Write down all your thoughts?
    13. Do a first draft?
    14. Do second and third drafts?
    15. Complete a final draft?
    16. Discard ideas?
    17. Revise?
    18. Edit for ideas?
    19. Check grammar?
    20. Check spelling?
    21. Check to see if you started every sentence the same way?
    22. Check to see if you used the same word frequently?
    23. Check other mechanical writing elements?
    24. Go back and rework older things you have written?
As you discuss these processes, think about the order of the tasks above. Do you complete them in the same order every time you write? Which processes do you usually skip? Which processes do you think you need to think you need more experience doing? Which processes aren't on the list that are part of your writing style?

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