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Lori Mayo's Beginning Writing Survey
First Steps A Shared Path Different Audiences Different Purposes
Usage and Mechanics Providing Feedback on Student Writing Learning from Professional Writers Writing in the 21st Century
Your Name: _____________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

Think about your history as a writer. Use the spaces here to answer these questions. You can also attach other sheets with your answers.

  • Is writing usually easy or difficult for you? Please explain why you feel this way-- when has it been pleasurable, when has it been painful?

  • To you, is writing more of a happy and creative experience, or an experience that means just following a set of rigid rules to express yourself about an idea someone else thinks is important? Explain.

  • Have you ever completed a piece that you feel particularly proud of having written? If so, what was it about that piece that made you proud?

  • What kinds of feedback have you gotten about your writing from past teachers?

  • What genres have you written in (e.g., poetry, short stories, essays, etc.)? Which is your favorite?

  • What topics do you usually like to write about?

  • Do you keep a journal?

  • Do you prefer to compose by hand or on the computer?

  • At home, where do you write—at a desk, at the kitchen or dining room table, in bed, on the couch? Do you like to write in a quiet room or with background noise (TV, radio, etc.?).

  • What, in your opinion, makes good writing?

  • Who are your favorite professional writers?

  • Why do you think writing is important?

  • Is there one particular area of your writing that you’d like to improve? How can I help you?

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