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Workshop 2. A Shared Path
"My students have a sense of community. They take care of each other. They help each other out."

- MaryCarmen Cruz
MaryCarmen Cruz
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This workshop focuses on the steps teachers can take to build and nurture a classroom community of writers.

These are the key points the teachers, educators, authors, and students consider:

  1. There are several hallmarks of a writing community:
    1. A writing community is a place marked by mutual respect. Everyone contributes: some by actively listening; others by voicing their ideas. Everyone can and should make mistakes and learn by doing so.
    2. A writing community reads as well as writes.
    3. A writing community encourages people to think throughout the processes of writing, reflecting on and synthesizing ideas offered by those inside and outside the community.
    4. A writing community should have mechanisms in place for writer-to-writer communication (writers' groups). These groups should have agreed-upon structures and rules of operating.
    5. A writing community should have other audiences to hear and react to their voices. These include families and other members of the community at large.

  2. Because those involved in the processes of writing best understand them, all teachers should be writers.

  3. Not every student writes at the same level. Teachers must meet students at their level of ability and move them forward. The writing community must provide acknowledgement for differently abled students.

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