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"I think kids need to know that their writing - what's on the page - has value."

- Kylene Beers
Kylene Beers
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Rubrics are an important tool for all teachers. They carefully explain the criteria that will be used to judge a particular piece of student work.

Rubrics benefit both teachers and students. By using a rubric:

  • Teachers have a complete analysis of every student's work measured against a consistent scale.
  • Teachers can provide better feedback to student writers.
  • Students clearly understand what is expected of them in a particular assignment.
  • Students can clearly see the areas of their writing that need improvement.
In this activity, you will build a customizable rubric that can be used for any writing activity your class might be completing. Follow the steps to complete the rubric. Once you have finished, you can print your rubric, save it on your own computer, or email it.

Show me a sample rubric.

Teacher tip: Creating rubrics with students before an assignment begins can help them see the task before them more clearly.


Build a Rubric 
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