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Essay 3

The Characterization of Prendrick

The Island of Dr, Moreau, by H. G. Wells, is a horror story written in the first person. Prendrick, the main character and only survivor from the island, tells about his journey to the island and the horrific things he encountered during his stay there. At different stages throughout the novel Prendrick was characterized as being first innocent, then confused and lastly horrified by the creations on the island.

In the beginning of the novel, Prendrick was left floating in the middle of the ocean after the Lady Vain "collided" with a derelict. The H. M. Gunboat Myrtle, a shop headed for the island of Dr. Moreau, the saved him. He is innocent because he doesn't know where he is going and why the animals are being taken there also. Being a simple bystander and a scientist himself, he doesn't question the weird things that go on around him. He understands the need for privacy and secrecy in the scientific field.

After a while, Prendrick becomes confused with the way that things progress. The little things he noticed before are starting to connect in his mind and form a hypothesis that ahs to be tested. He wondered why Montgomery, Dr. Moreau's assistant, pretended that he had nothing to do with the animals on the ship, before he reached the island. He also wondered why the men were so grotesque and hairy. He soon started to wonder, what Dr. Moreau was doing to the animals to cause them to scream and cry so much.

Finally Prendrick became too curious for his own good. He set out in the forest only to find animals that were shaped like humans. He witnessed "three grotesque human figures" talking amongst each other after noticing a dead rabbit not too far from them. The animal- men began to chase Prendrick and he then became terrified of Dr. Moreau because he was the creator of the animal-men.

At first, Prendrick was innocent because he knew nothing of the strange experiments taking place on the island. He was then confused because the unthinkable was going on all around him, which made the clues seem impossible. And lastly, Prendrick was horrified with the shocking discovery of the animal-men on the island that was indeed not friendly at all. If Prendrick had not been characterized in the event that he was afraid and had nothing to do with any experiments, the novel its self would not have been horrifying at all.

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