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Essay 2

Analyzing the Setting in The Island of Dr. Moreau

In his novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, H. G. Wells uses the setting to show Dr. Moreau's position on the island. The setting is like the Garden of Eden and Dr. Moreau is like God.

The island symbolizes the Garden of Eden in the sense that new things are being created. At first, the island was beautiful and serene with nothing on it. Then natural things such as plant life started to show up and the whole island changes. The island like the Garden of Eden gave birth to the nature the world knows of today.

Dr. Moreau's position is obvious and quite clear. If the island represents the Garden of Eden, then Dr. Moreau represents God. He is creating animals in his own image, as human as possible. "This time I will burn out all the animal."(Wells 89). A person can not be God. With people there is always a chance for mistakes. Dr. Moreau was never satisfied, "Something in everything I do that defeats me, makes me dissatisfied, challenges me to further effort."(Wells 88). He tries and tried again yet at the end he fails.

The novel depicts the symbols of the Garden of Eden and God. The island represents the Garden of Eden and Dr. Moreau, God. The island like the Garden is continuously giving birth to new forms and is completely changing. Dr. Moreau, thinking that he is like God, tries to create animals into human beings only to find out that he would fail. One should never think to highly of oneself. He or she will only fail.

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