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Essay 1

The Island of Dr. Moreau

In The Island of Dr. Moreau, H. G. Wells uses internal conflict to portray the struggle that Prendrick had with himself after he found out about the experiments Montgomery and Dr. Moreau performed on the Beast folk. H. G. Wells shows the reader two sides of the internal conflict. Prendrick has a problem with the experiments performed on the Beast folk, even though he doesn't like what Dr. Moreau does he has to except it in order to survive. After learning more about the experiments he ends up not agreeing with Dr. Moreau and why he performs them, however in order to survive on the island he has to overcome his internal conflict.

When Prendrick arrives on the island he is ignorant of the experiments that takes place. Montgomery and Dr. Moreau sit Prendrick down and explain to him what is going on and what they do in their experiments. Once Prendrick has an understanding of what is going on, he decides not to agree with Dr. Moreau's activities.

After learning about the experiments, Prendrick has to participate in order to survive. He realizes this after Montgomery and Moreau were killed. The internal conflict that Prendrick now deals with is overwhelming. He conquers it at the end of the novel, when he becomes the only man left. While Prendrick disapproved of the experiments Dr. Moreau performed, he was the only one who survived the Beast folk. Prendrick suffered with his internal conflict, but at the end he came out strong. He made it though the "survival of the fittest". A person is willing to conceal his or her own beliefs in order to survive.

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