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Usage and Mechanics Providing Feedback on Student Writing Learning from Professional Writers Writing in the 21st Century
Lori Mayo
  • Currently serves as a member of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Teacher Center Staff, working at Far Rockaway High School in Queens, New York. The UFT is New York City's teacher union, which is part of the American Federation of Teachers.
  • Professionally active as a member of the National Council of Teachers of English
  • Professional honors:
    • 2000 New York City Poetry Teacher of the Year Award
    • 2000 New York State Model Schools Teacher Integration Award
More about Lori Mayo, including her articles on writing

Professional books that have made a difference in Lori's teaching:

  • Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12 by Janet Allen (Stenhouse, ISBN: 1571100857)
  • In the Middle: New Understanding About Writing, Reading, and Learning by Nancie Atwell (Boynton/Cook, 2nd edition, ISBN: 0867093749)
  • Time for Meaning: Crafting Literate Lives in Middle and High School by Randy Bomer (Heinemann, ISBN: 0435088491)
  • The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy McCormick Calkins (Heinemann, ISBN: 0435088173
  • The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques That Work by Georgia Heard (Heinemann, ISBN: 0325004609)
  • Writing Toward Home: Tales and Lessons To Find Your Way by Georgia Heard (Heinemann Publishing, ISBN: 0435081241)
  • Room 109: The Promise of a Portfolio Classroom by Richard Kent (Boynton/Cook, ISBN: 086709429X)
  • Write to Learn by Donald Murray (Heinle, ISBN: 0155065122)
  • The Writing Workshop: Working through the Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts) by Katie Wood Ray (National Council of Teachers of English, ISBN: 0814113176)
  • Seeking Diversity: Language Arts with Adolescents by Linda Rief (Heinemann, ISBN: 0435085980)
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