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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


A theatre teacher in discussion with his class


Two student dancers working together

Visual Art

Visual art teacher confers with a student about a portrait she is working on


Students improvise in a vocal music class as their teacher listens

Workshop 5 Creating Rich Learning Environments

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In a rich learning environment, teachers recognize the central role of creativity and engage students in exploring ideas and issues, challenging traditional assumptions, solving complex problems, and constructing knowledge rather than just memorizing it. Skillful arts teachers create an atmosphere of mutual trust where students feel free to take risks and explore their own thoughts and feelings.  Constructive criticism is the norm, and students benefit from the responses of others.

In a safe and creative learning environment, teachers:

  • Instill personal confidence and respect for others
  • Model and encourage constructive criticism
  • Value artistic expression and individual opinions
  • Provide opportunities for self-direction and leadership


Learning Goals

The goals of this workshop session are for you to:
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of risk-taking in the classroom
  • Develop activities in which students play significant roles in selecting material, auditioning, rehearsing their work

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