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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


Music teacher coaches a small ensemble


A theatre history student makes a presentation to her class

Visual Art

Visual art teacher questions a student about his work


A dance teacher with two students in motion

Workshop 4 Choosing Instructional Approaches

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Arts teachers take on a variety of roles and use many different instructional techniques as they engage with their students.  Teachers can be instructors, mentors, directors, coaches, artists, performers, collaborators, facilitators, critics, and audience members.

Sometimes teachers change roles in direct response to student needs. Other times they vary their approaches to meet curriculum goals. And often it’s just because it’s a natural fit with the art form. Teachers sometimes plan for this; other times they change roles in the moment. 

Why does a teacher choose a particular instructional approach?

  • To motivate student inquiry and exploration
  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To encourage creative solutions to artistic problems


Learning Goals

The goals of this workshop are for you to:
  • Identify the many roles arts teachers take on while working with their students
  • Describe your reasons for using the instructional approaches you favor most
  • Identify a teaching approach outside your current repertoire that you would like to incorporate into your teaching
  • Identify the features of effective coaching in the arts

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