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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

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Theatre teacher applauds students in a classroom

Visual Art

Two visual art students explain masks they made


Student musicians in band practice


A dance teacher works with two students

Workshop 3 Addressing the Diverse Needs of Students

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Arts teachers face a broad diversity of learners in their classrooms every day. Students come into the classroom with a wide range of experiences and skills in the art form. They come from different cultural and economic backgrounds. They come with different learning styles. Some come with special needs.

Culturally responsive teaching fosters understanding of and respect for students of different cultural backgrounds, and makes use of students' culture, language, and prior experiences. Arts teachers need to develop relationships with students that honor and reflect their interests, the knowledge they already possess, and their unique talents and strengths.

Successful high school arts teachers address the diverse needs of their students by:

  • Recognizing the unique talents and skills of each student
  • Responding to different learning styles
  • Acknowledging cultural and economic diversity
  • Adapting instruction for students with special challenges


Learning Goals

The goals of this workshop are for you to:
  • Identify ways you can adapt your teaching to reach a broader range of learning styles among your students
  • Plan adjustments in your teaching to anticipate the needs of students with disabilities
  • Identify the hallmarks of culturally responsive teaching and how they can be applied in an arts context

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