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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


A dance teacher gives feedback to a student


A stagecraft teacher shows equipment to a student

Visual Art

Visual art teacher comments on a student's work


Students with microphones sing in a vocal jazz ensemble

Workshop 2 Developing Students as Artists

Watching the Program Activities and Discussion Additional Resources Support Materials


Arts teachers help students develop knowledge and fundamental skills while weaving in opportunities for creativity and independence. The challenge is to achieve a balance between teacher-led instruction and active, self-directed learning. To achieve mastery, students cannot be passive consumers of knowledge; they must actively construct and apply what they learn.

How do teachers help students develop as artists?

  • Assignments reflect increasing knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Instruction is thoughtfully sequenced to support student development
  • Artistic roles are age- and level-appropriate
  • Students experience increasing mastery and autonomy in the arts


Learning Goals

The goals of this workshop are for you to:
  • Construct a working definition of instructional “scaffolding,” and determine how it can help students develop as artists
  • Identify teaching sequences that effectively scaffold student learning
  • Redesign an instructional sequence to better foster students’ development


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