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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


A Music teacher with works with a saxophone player

Visual Art

A visual art teacher discusses a drawing with a student


A theatre teacher works with two students


A dance teacher and a student demonstrate a technique

Workshop 1 Principles of Artful Teaching

Watching the Program Activities and Discussion Additional Resources Support Materials


The Art of Teaching the Arts examines how seven "principles of artful teaching" influence the curricular and instructional choices that high school arts teachers make. Each program in the workshop includes examples of teaching in dance, music, theatre, and visual art.

This program begins with teachers sharing passionate insights about why they teach the arts to young people. Then short classroom segments illustrate how arts teachers meet the needs and imaginations of their students by using the seven principles:

  • Developing students as artists
  • Addressing the diverse needs of students
  • Choosing instructional approaches
  • Creating rich learning environments
  • Fostering genuine communication
  • Making the most of community resources
  • Nurturing independent thinkers

Subsequent programs will examine each principle in depth.


Learning Goals

The goals of this workshop are for you to:
  • Describe principles of good teaching that apply across the arts
  • Consider similarities among teachers, actors, dancers, musicians, and visual artists
  • Identify teaching goals that you and fellow arts teachers share that you would like to work toward in the rest of this workshop


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