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Science in Focus: Force and Motion
About the Workshops
1. Making an Impact
2. Drag Races
3. When Rubber Meets the Road
5. Keep on Rolling
6. Force Against Force
7. The Lure of Magnetism
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Eight free professional development workshops for K-8 teachers,
presenting science concepts in force and motion.

Explore science concepts in force and motion and come away with a deeper understanding that will help you engage your students in their own explorations. With science and education experts as your guides, learn more about gravity, friction, air resistance, magnetism, and tension through activities, discussions, and demonstrations. Extensive footage shot in real classrooms shows students learning and building on ideas as they explore the relationships among motion, force, size, mass, and speed. As you watch the students develop understanding through activities that connect science concepts to real-world phenomena, you will be asked to think about your own ideas on force and motion and compare them to what you observe.

Watch for the symbol on the workshop video, then click the button below for that workshop, to find the corresponding Web Highlights.


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Support Materials
Download the workshop support materials in PDF format.

Track Your Understanding
Take this quick self-test before beginning Workshop 1 and after completing Workshop 8 to see how your knowledge has improved!

An interactive, fun, and hands-on way to explore force and velocity in a moving elevator.

Supplemental Resource List
Links and bibliographic references for further reading.

Teacher Talk
Online and email discussion of topics related to Force and Motion concepts and pedagogy.


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