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Tracing the Path

NOTE: To participate in this activity online, you will need the Shockwave plug-in for your browser, a free download from Shockwave.com

Tracing the Path Activity


"Energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed." Does this sound familiar? It is the Law of Conservation of Energy. So, if energy cannot be created, everything that uses energy has to get it from somewhere. For instance, when you push a stalled car, the car gets energy from your muscles, which get energy from your food, which gets energy from... where?

In the Tracing the Path game, draw arrows connecting the sources of energy to the receivers of energy. First click on the source, then click on the receiver. For example, click on the wind, then click on the windmill. If you are correct, a connecting arrow will appear. If you are wrong, the computer will only beep. To get a hint or learn more about where a particular receiver gets its energy from, click on a hintbutton.

Here are some general hints:

  • Some sources of energy have more than one receiver.
  • Some receivers of energy have more than one source.
  • One source-receiver pair (and only one pair) can send energy in either direction!

Good luck!

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