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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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The Annenberg Institute for School Reform Presents . . .

Critical Issues in School Reform


This series is designed for teachers, administrators, parents, and anyone involved in or interested in school improvement.

The programs will explore new practices in:

  • Public Engagement (3 programs)
    How can schools and communities work together to improve student learning?

  • Professional Collaboration (2 programs)
    How can teachers and administrators work together in their own schools to improve teaching practice and student learning?

  • Learning from Student Work (3 programs)
    How can the teachers looking together at their students work help them reflect on and improve their teaching practice?

What you will find here

  • Overview of Programs
    Descriptions of each program.

  • Resources for Viewers
    Additional resources for each program are available. You can also subscribe to mailing lists to discuss issues related to the programs.


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