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Conversations in Literature

Individual Program

1. Responding
as Readers

2. Envisioning

3. Stepping In

4. Moving Through

5. Rethinking

6. Objectifying
the Text

7. The Stances
in Action

8. Returning to the

Support Materials

Graduate Credit

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  Do you remember the first time you ever found yourself so totally immersed in a book that you forgot everything else around you? Nothing else mattered. You were in the book, involved in a deep and meaningful conversation with its characters, events, and ideas.

Wouldn’t it be great if every reader in your class could have the same kind of experience?

That’s what this project is all about — helping you bring the joy of reading literature to kids.

Our workshop is based on solid research conducted by Judith Langer, who has spent her entire career figuring out how effective readers engage with literature — and how teachers can help all their students travel these same paths.

Engaging With Literature: Grades 3-5 Library and Workshop

A video library provides a glimpse into language arts classrooms across the country. A video workshop outlines the pedagogy and techniques for teaching literary content in grades 3-5 classrooms.

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