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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

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Teacher Perspectives: Presenting projects to the City Council

Bill Mittlefehldt: When our kids present at the City Council, they are stepping onto a stage to provide some free brain power to the people on the City Council whose average age, I’m going to guess, is 52. What you’re going to see is like free consulting from fresh brains that haven’t been colored by cynicism and other things. It’s uplifting, quite frankly. I would say the kids hit a home run today. The City Council was very receptive, and the kids were right on task. They benefited, I think, from the assessment in the dress rehearsal, and I think the goods were delivered in very good shape. I think the community that was watching through our cable network saw that these kids have creativity and courage. We took kids of different ethnic and religious backgrounds and we wove together a common focus. I think because this was in public space, being cabled live, that [Council members] couldn’t give you their [full] response, but they were going to be highly motivated on this Schwartzman issue. Because of the possible contamination of the beautiful and scenic river, that could be the kiss of death for the community.


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