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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

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Student Perspectives: Class routine

Andy: We have the base curriculum that we use out of the book, where we learn about population, growth and how the population is being affected [in different countries]. Service learning is kind of an added thing to put you in touch with your community and let you know that you can make a difference.

Rachel: We get into class, he takes attendance, and then we do Connection Points, which are basically what we have heard in the news, read in the paper, gotten off the Internet or TV or anything like that. We take those and relate them to things that we have learned in the previous weeks or what we read from the chapter over the weekend. Then he’ll go through a summary of the chapter and we will start to apply it to our lives.

Usually he will give us a chapter to read over the weekend, and then he will refer to it in his lessons during the week. On Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday, he’ll go through the information that the book covered as well as his own personal experiences and things from the news. [On] Thursday, we relate it to our lives, and on Friday, we take the test—usually not questions directly from the book, but things that we have talked about. He uses the textbook for examples, maps, charts, or geographic things.


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