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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

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Student Perspectives: Community partners

Andy: (River clean-up project) We met with Jeff Connell, a representative from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. He is our coordinator. He works with hazardous sites to find a way to clean up the whole area. He gave us the background on the whole complex: what was there, why it was there, how it was there, how it got there. In our meeting with him yesterday, he described their clean-up plan--the action they’re taking to clean it up and preserve the rivers.

Rachel: (Commuter rail project) I’ve mostly worked with Jeff Connell from the county. Jeff was the one that I got in touch with first. We went down there one afternoon and got all the information they had gathered already, which was very useful in that we didn’t have to search around. I’m going to meet with Commissioner Erhart to discuss some of the things that are going on in the community regarding the train. He’s worked on this for 18 years so I figure I’ll get really good information and opinions [on] what can influence how this is going. We can discuss some of the legislative aspects of it and the money that goes into it and the people that have been working for such a long time to get this passed.

[After her meeting with the commissioner]: We discussed what I can do to further this next year if this doesn’t get passed, and how much of a setback it will be, not only for him in working 18 years on this, but for me working a month on this, having to start over next year because they are voting in a week. So we discussed how we can merge to work even stronger. He was very complimentary to our group in talking about how teenagers made such a big impact at the capital and the discussions that have gone on down there and how exciting it was to have new faces making a difference.


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