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Making Civics Real Workshop 4: Constitutional Convention  
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Workshop 4

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Essential Readings

Authentic Intellectual Work in Social Studies: Putting Performance before Pedagogy
by Geoffrey Scheurman and Fred M. Newmann

Geoffrey Scheurman is associate professor of teacher education at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and Fred M. Newmann is professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this article, they explore how establishing criteria for authentic intellectual achievement helps students learn in constructivist classrooms – and others too... read more

Assessment in a Social Contructivist Classroom
by Janet Alleman and Jere Brophy

Janet Alleman is professor of teacher education and educational administration at Michigan State University and Jere Brophy is distinguished professor of teacher education at Michigan State University. In this article, they discuss three curriculum goals–understanding, appreciation, and life application-and why they lie at the core of constructivist teaching and should guide methods of assessment... read more


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