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Making Civics Real Workshop 1: Freedom of Religion  
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Workshop 1

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Lesson Plan: Lesson Materials

Below you will find the materials Kristen Borges used for her lesson on Freedom of Religion. You can download these documents and print them out for your own use.

Student Instructions (PDF)

  • Instructions for Attorneys
  • Instructions for Supreme Court Justices
  • Supreme Court Conference Instructions
  • After-Hearing Discussion Instructions
  • Instructions for Supreme Court Opinion Essay

Background Information Packet (PDF)

  • The First Amendment
  • First Amendment Freedoms
  • Discussion Questions
  • Background: The Church, The State, and the Public Schools
  • Should Students Have the Right to Lead Prayers at Public School Events?
  • Background of the Case
  • Arguments Presented by the Santa Fe Independent School District
  • Arguments Presented by Catholic and Mormon Families

Supreme Court Cases


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