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Making Civics Real Workshop 1: Freedom of Religion  
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Workshop 1

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Lesson Plan: Assessment

Each student can score up to 100 points on each of two assignments: their group work, including their performance in the hearing and subsequent discussion, and their final essay. A four-level scale denotes work that is Exemplary (9-10 points), Proficient (6-8 points), Basic (3-5 points), and Minimum (0-2 points). Rubric items are divided into Preparation, Hearing, and Conference. In general, students are expected to use the documents in the Background Information Packet as well as others that they may have found and to address the Constitutional issues or cite previously decided Supreme Court cases. They are also expected to listen attentively to each other and present their arguments or questions clearly.

The assessment rubrics used for this lesson can be found below. You can download these documents and print them out for your own use.

Assessment Rubrics (PDF)

  • Supreme Court Scoring Sheet: Attorney’s Performance
  • Supreme Court Scoring Sheet: Justice's Performance
  • Scoring Sheet for Final Essay


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