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  Making Civics Real: A Workshop for Teachers  
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About This Workshop

Making Civics Real is a video workshop for high school civics teachers, consisting of eight one-hour video programs, a print guide to the workshop activities, and this Web site. Use these components for professional development in two-hour weekly group sessions, or on your own.

The workshop aims to improve civic education across the nation for grades nine through 12 through professional development of civics teachers. Each of the eight programs presents authentic teachers in diverse school settings modeling a variety of teaching techniques and best practices. These methodologies are applied to a variety of social studies courses from a ninth-grade government/civics/economics course to a 12th-grade law course.

This workshop is appropriate for both novice and experienced high school social studies teachers and recognizes the importance of meeting national standards for civic education. Each lesson references the national standards of the Center for Civic Education and the National Council for the Social Studies.


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